Design student portrait studies

Before the photography era conquered the world with its possibility to capture quick and accurate images, the great portraitists were very much esteemed and wanted.

Each wealthy family desired to have a “family portrait” or to preserve the look of their beloved ones on the most striking paintings. Portraitists were often responsible for marriage`s arrangement  influencing the decision of the groom to be about the future wife`s choice.

That`s why the artists had to manoeuvre sometimes between the grasp of the real appearance and model`s expectation of the desired depiction.

To capture the impression of the model, his or her emotions and characteristic details, artists were literally studying the model, preparing tens of sketches before the right impression was caught.

I was always fascinated with this process and learning from the best I myself like to study and sketch different mimics and expressions. Studying the models, this profound observation helps to catch not only the characteristic details of the person but helps to realise how beautiful each model is.