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… great, that you fancy the idea of becoming a communication designer. The curriculum opens up a whole horizon of professional activities: advertising, design, multi media, internet, 3-D animation, photography, publishing, film/video, art …

The communication industry is constantly looking for well trained creatives and top executives. One of the key requirements for communication designers is the ability to process information for all media in a creative and innovative, surprising way.

When starting on the job, alumni know a lot about software and presentation techniques. However, the ability to reflect jobs in order to find creative solutions, produce unusual ideas and concepts, is almost underdeveloped. 
That’s where the European School of Design’s innovative concept comes in: Top priority is to impart and train creative thinking and developing ideas.

The main concern of the European School of Design in all semesters and for all students is enhancing and toning of conceptual competence and independent working in open and applied projects. Through close co-operation with the industry the European School of Design can offer not only open, but also applied projects to be executed. Thus the students learn how to best use their resources in a project – it takes responsibility, imagination, and discipline to develop viable concepts.

In order to be as close to real life and everyday business practice, renowned communication professionals, most of them internationally active, coach the students.
On top of the normal curriculum, lectures, projects, and workshops are offered and held by international associate professors, to ensure not only regional understanding, but a truly global communication approach as well.

Welcome to Hamburger Allee 45, a multilateral, multicultural environment buzzing with advertising agencies, design offices, audio and film production houses, a cinema. But this creative haven has even more to offer:
An awesome creative environment for our students to thrive in, fostering an interdisciplinary approach and a professional start into a promising career.

… welcome to the european school of design for the degree course communication design.

modular system
The innovative modular learning programme not only imparts profound knowledge in theory, but also includes practical and vocational training, laying the foundation for creative competence. All learning steps are kept in the students’ portfolios to reflect the constant and continuing progress. The high standard of their work samples definitely gives them a head start and facilitates the start on the job.

Each module includes a test to document the student’s performance:

modul 01
modul 02
modul 03
The full integration and interaction of all three modules is not only expected but strongly promoted.
modul 01
creativity || concept || idea

It all starts with creativity: Creative thinking brings about innovation.

Scribbles - das Medium zur Ideenpräsentation

Scribbles – das Medium zur Ideenpräsentation

The ability to think creatively, to develop ideas and concepts is not only taught in theory, but trained in projects: hands on. Each semester, students are confronted with the most versatile tasks and challenges in all classes. Surprising and highly creative solutions are expected, but also team work and interdisciplinary work.
Workshops and additional projects support the seamless integration of all topics taught. This in order to experience how creativity, targeted in all different media, can meander in innovative ways and even start a revolution.

Classes [expl.] Conceptual design, idea breeding (brain storming), brand map, copy, advertising, integrated communication, and more…

modul 02
design || art direction || technique & software
In module two the students gain competence in visualising information, i.e. e. to visually layout their communication ideas in all media and social context.
Fotografie - eine der elementaren Gestaltungstechniken

Fotografie – eine der elementaren Gestaltungstechniken

Through 2-D or 3-D design, functional design, analogue and digital media design a basic understanding for complex design is acquired. This part of the curriculum treats usual forms of expression and style for visual design. Visual language, manual techniques, quality and effect are discussed and applied in more complex projects.
Experimental design and competence in executing is trained theoretically and practically. The students learn illustration, photographic visualisation, graphic tools, typography and type setting, digital programmes.

Classes [expl.] Graphic design, corporate design, editorial design, typography, film, video, photography, printing, signage, package design, internet, figure drawing, illustration, layout, digital programmes (software)…

modul 03
sociological context || theory
practical approach
„on the shoulders of giants“
Our joint venture with partners from the communication industry allows us to offer down-to-earth workshops with advertising/PR/marketing agencies, design offices, publishing houses, radio stations, photo studios, 3-D animation studios, film/TV production houses, and audio studios.
These cooperations bring about lecturers and guest lecturers for seminars, presentations, and hands-on workshops. On the same hand, our partners provide the latest equipment to train handling of professional state-of-the-art technology.
qualifications for admission to the european school of design

general qualification for university entrance or higher education entr. qualification
general certificate of secondary education
appraisal interview

programme duration

6 terms
1 practical term (internship in the selected department)
1 final term

New students are accepted to these dates:

start of summer term || April 1
start of winter term || October 1

school fees

€ 480,- per month (with the exception of the free of charge practical term)


A personal interview is required for your acceptance at the European School of Design. Combine a personally date to present your portfolio to the head of studies. He will as well advise you on your curriculum at the european school of design.
Apply any time for an interview via telephone or email:

contact: SCHOOL || OFFICE

tel || 0049.69 70795921

e-mail ||

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