Designing a clap book.

Mona Lisa - Renaissance

The end of the semester is coming. Hence, the deadline for the completion of semester work is approaching. The work on the „clap book“ project is in progress but the clock is ticking. Will I manage to finish all of the paintings with my version of Mona Lisa?

Clapping with the style.

As a topic for my clap book I have chosen to present Mona Lisa in a different painting styles. Starting from Renaissance to Pop Art. Six paintings are made, three more are left to go.

I don’t want to reveal too much, because there is still a lot left to the end result. And also I don`t want to spoil the „surprise“ of the final work.
Nonetheless, Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present „my home made Mona Lisa” a la da Vinci and Mona Lisa seen with the eyes of Henri Matisse (or at least hopefully as he would see and paint her).
Hope you like it and you have a glimpse of what my clap book will have to offer to its readers. Enough of writing. Time to go back to work.

Mona Lisa - Expressionisms