Designstudentin macht erste Schritte in 3D

maya3DIn unserer Uni gehört die Arbeit mit 3D Programmen wie z.B. Maya3D dazu. Das lernen aber die Studierende der ESOD erstmal im 4. und 5. Semestern.

Trotzdem habe ich mich entschieden, mich schon mal in den Semesterferien mit dem 3D Programm zu befassen.

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Behind the Scenes vom Klappbuch

                                                                                                                                                                                      Behind the Scenes vom Klappbuch                                       

Nach den Kursen am Freitag hatte ich mich dazu bereit erklärt Model für das Klappbuch einer Mitstudentin zu stehen. read more

Communication design student and her „Too Young to be Bride“ campaign.

ThGirls not brides - Chuldrens playground campaigne end of the winter semester at European School of Design is right around the corner and it is a nice feeling to look back at the finished projects, knowing how much time and work they consumed, but to see the final result. One of the projects I am particularly proud of is the campaign bringing awareness to the problem of girls marriage – „Too Young to be Bride“. read more

Designing a clap book.

Mona Lisa - Renaissance

The end of the semester is coming. Hence, the deadline for the completion of semester work is approaching. The work on the „clap book“ project is in progress but the clock is ticking. Will I manage to finish all of the paintings with my version of Mona Lisa? read more

What`s Next? – Design Students at DDC Gala

Whats next - DDC Gala

Whats next – DDC Gala

Who get`s the designers awards? The best of the bests. Of course.

In the era of the functional design it is not easy to stand out with an innovative and meaningful  project. And sadly, I know something about it.
The designers are facing the challanges every day… That`s why it is so important to have a short break from the brainstorming and simply meet with the peers and enjoy the inspirations exchange evening.

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