Communication design student and her „Too Young to be Bride“ campaign.

ThGirls not brides - Chuldrens playground campaigne end of the winter semester at European School of Design is right around the corner and it is a nice feeling to look back at the finished projects, knowing how much time and work they consumed, but to see the final result. One of the projects I am particularly proud of is the campaign bringing awareness to the problem of girls marriage – „Too Young to be Bride“.
The 140cm tall girl silhouette, decorated with bride`s veil and bouquet, was placed at one of the childrens playgrounds in Frankfurt. I watched not without satisfaction how it drawn attention of the people that were playing nearby with their children. This sort of reactions inspire and convince me, that what we do – future communication designers – is a great responsibility. But also it is a right thing to do in order to make society aware of particular problems and to bring its attention.