What`s Next? – Design Students at DDC Gala

Whats next - DDC Gala

Whats next – DDC Gala

Who get`s the designers awards? The best of the bests. Of course.

In the era of the functional design it is not easy to stand out with an innovative and meaningful  project. And sadly, I know something about it.
The designers are facing the challanges every day… That`s why it is so important to have a short break from the brainstorming and simply meet with the peers and enjoy the inspirations exchange evening.

Gute Gestaltung 18 from DDC (Deutscher Designer Club) is an occassion to see and learn about the new best design arrivals. And of course to meet other designers.
This year, the Gala „What`s Next“ Gute Gestaltung 18 of DDC took place for the 18th time, and the awards were given in the following categories:
– Product
– Moving image
– Identity
– Brand Communication
– Corporate Communication
– Digital Media
– Excellent Arts
– Architecture & Space
– Annual Reports
– Future
The awards were given and the winners were rewarded. The rest of the participants could simply enjoy the evening full of nice music, atmosphere and inspiration.
As a student of European School of Design I am happy I could take part in the evening like this, and persnally I wish for myself more evenings like that.. and maybe one day not only as a participant but also as a winner.
Whats next - DDC Gala (1)

Whats next – DDC Gala (1)

Whats next - DDC Gala (2)

Whats next – DDC Gala (2)