SchnupperStudium Testimonials

In the beginning of the semester second’s week 10-Okt , we welcomed a crowd of new potential students that got to experience to be a Design student for a week where they went to classes and had lectures and deeper look into design and the design world , read more

Glowing Spheres !


while I was in Amsterdam,  i passed by this amazing display window that was on showing an innovative way of presenting your product even though here  the product isn’t what caught my attention but light setting , creating an amazing reflection effect with a glowing ambient feeling. here is my perspective of this beautiful display in 3 images .


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Palmen ! Palmen

During the holiday in tunis , tunisia  i took some time to photograph the beautiful palm trees and found my self in a place surrounded by palm trees, beautifully arranged so here are a couple of landscape photos.



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Reflections & Deflections

The Camera is a very powerful tool, where you can look at the world differently and learn also how to see it properly, and an other amazing thing the camera can do , is go beyond your normal vision and see the world differently , here is a series of photos showing some of the interesting light , reflection and  Multiple exposures experiment.



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Design student Ubt Photoshop

the students of the second and the third semester had a homework that was a commercial for coca cola.

the point of this homework is to exercise and learn how to solve the problems involving light, shadow. perspective and many other, this is the start and with time and exercise skills will improve, have a nice weekend .




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Packaging Design Inpsiration

It is Always inspiring and mind opening to see new labelling and packaging of products, in Frankfurt Messe there was a nice display of beer bottles with variation of interesting and inspiring designs .




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Street Art

in the vacation , it is when you get time to go around and specially if it is a good day ,and Frankfurt is a wonderful city full of street art, here is one pick from street art in Bockenheim, Frankfurt found near the university of Goethe.




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Semester Ending Phase

The semester is coming to an end, all the works need to be finished and in a presentable status, and finally the exhibition that we have been preparing or in the last period is coming soon, last edits and touches needs to be added , and revised , for everything to run smoothly.

in this post i will be showing a teaser of one of my works, of my latest photographed work, for the course Gestaltung Grundlagen.

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Typography continues


For typography, we needed to create a typeface out of everyday objects, based on the legend Stefan sagmeister who was a great inspiration for the idea to do so, here are a couple of letters created from uno cards then edited by Photoshop, I have to say experiment is essential to creation, Stay Creative!

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