Design Student im Bahnhofviertel

The best way to deal with the Deadline stress is through some photography,i find street photography such a great way to train on photography skills, communication with people and hopefully take some great shot. read more

Contrast Photography

The theme for Photography this semester was Contrast. So i tried to take pictures of couples from different backgrounds and with different status. The point was to show „My Opposite“ which in this case i meant as „My Partner“ and what they see in each other. So i asked a few couples i know to be my models and took their pictures and interviewed them.

Maleen & Max

Daniel & Novita

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Frohes Neues Jahr 2020

Ich wünsche euch ein frohes neues Jahr 2020! 2019 war ein tolles Jahr, aber 2020 wird besser! Lass uns im kommenden Jahr mehr Kreativität, Leidenschaft und Motivation zeigen 😀

Designstudentin fotografiert Unterschiede

In diesem Semester sollen wir ein Fotomagazin mit dem Thema „Unterschiede“ erstellen. Meine Ideen dazu sind entweder die unterschiedlichen Sichten von zwei verschieden altrigen Schwestern. Nämlich die Sicht meiner 4-Jährige Schwester und meine Sicht, einer 20-jährigen Studentin. Die zweite Idee währe meinen Freund nach Erlaubnis zu fragen …

Glowing Spheres !


while I was in Amsterdam,  i passed by this amazing display window that was on showing an innovative way of presenting your product even though here  the product isn’t what caught my attention but light setting , creating an amazing reflection effect with a glowing ambient feeling. here is my perspective of this beautiful display in 3 images .


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Reflections & Deflections

The Camera is a very powerful tool, where you can look at the world differently and learn also how to see it properly, and an other amazing thing the camera can do , is go beyond your normal vision and see the world differently , here is a series of photos showing some of the interesting light , reflection and  Multiple exposures experiment.



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