Fortschritt am Typografie Buch


                                           Fortschritt am Typografie Buch                                                                          

Im Kurs Typografie sollen wir am Ende des Semesters ein von uns gestaltetes Buch, was sich mit unserer eigenen Schrift und den Übungen vom Kurs befasst. read more

Typography continues


For typography, we needed to create a typeface out of everyday objects, based on the legend Stefan sagmeister who was a great inspiration for the idea to do so, here are a couple of letters created from uno cards then edited by Photoshop, I have to say experiment is essential to creation, Stay Creative!

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Typography in progress


For typography class, we needed to create our fonts , i wanted to digitalize my font and that is quite a work , that took all of this weeks time of work, but the font is starting to finally look good

and the effort is worth it completely , so here i post a small teaser of the work.

the work is called Bonheur, a modern serif typeface.

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Typography in Kommunikationsdesign

                    Für Kommunikationsdesign ist Typography eins von den wichtigsten Aspekten, deswegen haben wir – Grafik Design Studenten – uns für diese Ausstellung entschieden. Stefan Sagmeisters Ausstellung „The Happy Show“ wird nach Amerika, Wien und Paris zum ersten und …