Auf der Suche nach Inspiration

Auf der Suche nach Inspiration Die Semesterferien nutze ich gerne, um für das kommende Semester und eigene Projekte Inspirationen zu sammeln. Dafür habe ich verschiedene Quellen, wie Museeen und Magazine gefunden. Aber auch direkt auf der Straße begegnet man immer öfter inspirierenden Motiven und Projekten.



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Packaging Design Inpsiration

It is Always inspiring and mind opening to see new labelling and packaging of products, in Frankfurt Messe there was a nice display of beer bottles with variation of interesting and inspiring designs .




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Christmas at home and design inspiration

Books about art and design Christmas time. Holidays time. Long awaited… One can think, finally a time to relax and meet with long not seen friends and family.

All true. But for me this was/is also a time to meet with some of my very old „paper“ friends. With my long not seen books passionately collected during my art history studies. These „good, old friends“ wait for me patiently in my family home, always ready to share with me their „knowledge“ and to inspire me. It is funny how many things one can discover by returning to once studied reading.  read more